I am committed to Government that is open, responsive and accountable to the
citizens of Cabell County. The following list

  1. Transparency-
    1. Making ourselves available and meeting with the public
    2. Developing Cabell County Checkbook.gov I have been working on
      this with WV Auditor, JB McCuskey & (Anthony Woods)
    3. Live Streaming- Every meeting
    4. Day and evening meetings- One 10am meeting and one 6pm meeting
      per month.
  2. Steward of our County tax dollars-
    1. Honest accounting and handling of Cabell County Tax Dollars
    2. Set annual Levy rates for property taxes
    3. Forensic Audits
    4. Inventory of County Vehicles
    5. Liquidate County Property when appropriate.
    6. State law requires commissioners to fund the operation of these
      elected officials: Prosecuting Attorney, County Clerk, County Circuit
      Clerk, Sheriff, and County Assessor
  3. Cyber Security-
    1. MU just signed an agreement to work with the WV National Guard and
      Forge Security to improve Cyber Security
    2. Backed up and stored off sight and possibly out of state
  4. Fair and Honest Elections-
    1. Supervising elections and certifying results,
    2. Approval of Pole Workers and funding elections
    3. Verifying vote totals
    4. Providing the most current election equipment
    5. Security of county ballots
  5. Economic Development & State Initiatives-
    1. Work with our former President of the Huntington Regional Chamber,
      Bill Bissett, who is now Senator Capito’s senior advisor for Economic
      Development and state initiatives
    2. Work with Ed Gaunch, WV Cabinet Secretary for the Department of Commerce
    3. Work with Mitch Carmichael, Secretary for the Department of Economic Development
  6. Serving as a board member of other county services—
    1. County Health Dept.
    2. Fire & Ambulance authorities
    3. E911 Centers
    4. County Libraries
    5. County Airports
    6. Serving and assisting others boards as well
  7. County bills I voted for in the legislature-
    1. Homestead exemption, HCR which will expand deductions an additional $20,000 at age 70, 75, 80
    2. No naming of structures, with your name on them, while serving as an elected official
    3. No pay increases for elected county officials. If there is a pay adjustment, it should be based on the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). At some point, there may be a pay increase, at this time, I don’t feel it is necessary.