“Respect the Past While Moving, Into the Future”

“I am committed to Government that is open, responsive and accountable, to the citizens of Cabell County. Now, more than ever, Cabell County voters have the opportunity to make a dynamic change, in our County Courthouse. However, if it’s status quo you seek, I am the opposite of status quo; I am new energy, new ideas, transparency, accountability and accessibility. You will have a seat at the table with me as your County Commissioner!” -John Mandt Jr.

  1. Transparency-
    1. As a Commissioner, I will be available, accessible, and engaging, with the public. It’s important to listen to our tax payers and their concerns. B) I will continue the development and completion of Cabell County Checkbook.gov, a site which will allow you to see every check written by the County Commission. We have this for the state and I feel it is most important for Cabell County. I have had discussion about this, with WV Auditor, JB McCuskey & his staff.
    2. Live Streaming- I want every Cabell County Commission meeting live streamed for people to view.
    3. Day and evening meetings- At minimum, I think one 10am meeting and one 6pm meeting per month, will afford those working during the day, to attend a commission meeting.
  2. Steward of our County tax dollars-
    1. It is very important to have honest accounting and handling of Cabell County Tax Dollars.
    2. Set annual Levy rates for property taxes
    3. Forensic Audits are a must! These are not your typical yearly audits. They are a deep dive into everything, which has not been done in years. As a Commissioner, I want a clean slate for our Cabell County EMS, Sheriff’s Office, and County Commission.
    4. We need an audit/inventory of our County Vehicles. How many do we have? Who is allowed to drive them and or, drive them home? Etc. This was performed for our state vehicles and was well worth it.
    5. Liquidate county property, if and when appropriate. The county does not need to own property, for which it could be receiving taxes.
    6. Adequately fund the following, for which State law requires commissioners to fund the operation of these elected officials: Prosecuting Attorney, County Clerk, County Circuit Clerk, Sheriff, and County Assessor
  3. Cyber Security-
    1. Extremely important. Our County system was hacked a few years back. All of your information was, more than likely, compromised.
    2. Since Marshall University signed an agreement to work with the WV National Guard and Forge Security to improve Cyber Security, I feel it’s important to partner with them, on our county level to ensure your information is safe and secure.
    3. All information, should be backed up, stored off sight, and possibly out of state. We cannot and will not compromise your private and privileged information.
  4. Fair and Honest Elections-
    1. In person supervising elections and certifying results
    2. Approval of Pole Workers and funding elections
    3. Honestly verifying vote totals
    4. Providing the most current and effectively safe election equipment
    5. Security and protection, of county ballots
  5. Economic Development & State Initiatives-
    1. Aggressively work with our former President of the Huntington Regional Chamber, Bill Bissett, who is now Senator Capito’s senior advisor for Economic Development and state initiatives, to bring jobs to Cabell Co.
    2. Work with Mitch Carmichael, Secretary for the Department of Economic Development, to bring jobs to Cabell County.
    3. Keep in close contact with our Cabell County Legislative Delegation, assuring the best opportunities for new jobs in Cabell County.
  6. Responsibly assisting and serving as a board member of other county services-
    1. County Health Dept.
    2. Fire & Ambulance authorities
    3. E911 Centers
    4. County Libraries
    5. County Airports
    6. Serving and assisting others boards as well