To the Editor:

In 1995, as a 23-year-old working in my first Sales role, I met John Mandt, Jr. As a Stewart’s fan, I was thrilled to meet the man running it. John was kind and respectful in our every interaction. I learned from John a critical selling piece: Sell what customers want.
That lesson served me well.

Throughout the years, I’ve watched John’s consistency. Through the Marshall Football stadium debacle and political slings and arrows taken as a West Virginia Delegate, John remained consistent. Consistent in his love for Cabell County and desire to see it succeed. If John were only looking out for himself and his business, he could have moved from the location that has served Cabell County consistently since 1932.

Consistency is important to me as a voter. As I wrote in “People Buy From People,” people crave consistency and connect to it. Why do people eat at Stewart’s? Consistency. Also consistent are politicians (like Mandt’s opponent) who continue hanging around, providing little value to voters. If Cabell County is to consistently win in the decade ahead, we cannot elect those with more political years behind than ahead of them. We need leadership that has Cabell County’s best interest at heart, instead of running on past accomplishments.

I believe the consistent choice for Cabell County Commissioner is John Mandt, Jr. John is consistent in his transparency and integrity. John consistently believes his best way to serve is as a Cabell County Commissioner. I want a commissioner who consistently desires the best for Cabell County, not to stay politically relevant.

If consistency matters to the voters of Cabell County, the clear choice in this Commission race is John Mandt, Jr. He will be consistent for Cabell County for years to come.