Delegate John Mandt Jr was first elected for public office in 1996. He served a six year term on the board of the Greater Huntington Parks and Recreation Committee Over those six years John gained valuable experience in the political realm. Since then, John was asked to run for local and state office. As a father of three young children, the timing was never right.

In 2018, after his youngest had graduated high school, John finally answered the call and filed to run for WV House of Delegates, 16th District. Again, his election was a success! He ran for re election in 2020, and again, it was another successful campaign!

John’s district encompassed the Eastern half of Cabell County and the Western part of Lincoln County. Delegate Mandt’s district featured 22 strategic miles of the Ohio River and also has railroad and access to I-64 which travels east and west.

Delegate Mandt was born and raised in Huntington, WV. As his father had done before, John started to work in his family business, Stewart’s Original Hot Dogs, at the age of 13. He is now the fourth generation to own and operate their 91 year old business.

John graduated from Huntington High School in 1981 and then attended Marshall University, majoring in business. John is also the founder of the WV Hot Dog Festival, Huntington’s largest festival, which has raised $250,000 for the Hoops Children’s Hospital at Cabell Huntington Hospital.

John is a volunteer, always giving to organizations in his city and state. He has worked with over 9 community organizations in the Cabell/Huntington area.

Serving four years, as a member in the WV House of Delegates, John made a difference and served on several key committees:

Vice Chair on Small Business and Economic Development

JudiciaryEnergy and Manufacturing

Seniors, Children & Family Issues

Select Committee on Prevention of Substance Abuse

Select Committee on Education Reform A

Served as an Assistant Whip

John and his wife, Ami, live in Huntington and have six children: Phillip, Trey, Abby, Briana, Sami & Mason. They have three dogs: Marlee, Aspen, and Kali.

John & his family are active members at Lewis Memorial Baptist Church. John is a Christian, husband, father and businessman. He says, “it’s been an honor of a lifetime to serve the 16th District and the great state of WV”.

How could the commission implement better county planning into the next decade?

Town hall meetings, listening to our constituents, is very important. Meetings with County municipalities, Delegates and Senators will help planning for a better county. As a Delegate, I have great relationships and unlimited contacts, to bring help to Cabell County. A lobbyist, representing Cabell County, attending the legislative session and working for our needs/finances, is important.

How would you encourage economic development in the county.

Being proactive with our business tax structure. Developing the eastern part Cabell County, along Rt. 2 adjacent to where NUCOR is developing their business, is very important. We can't miss on growing our county from east to west and bringing more job development, which will bring more population. This is what we desperately need.

What more needs to be done about dilapidated housing in the county?

Huntington has done a terrific job removing dilapidated housing. Meeting with and following Huntington's blueprint for removing dilapidated housing would be my first instinct. Dilapidated housing that is delinquent on property taxes, would be a good start. We, in the legislature, passed a bill, creating a fund to address dilapidated houses and buildings.

What are the three most pressing problems the county faces?

1) Decreasing Population. 2) Poor Infrastructure and internet. 3) Lack of good, family supporting jobs.

What are your top priorities for moving the county forward?

Improving infrastructure/roads, internet, promoting tourism, and lowering taxes. Increasing population will reduce tax burdens for everyone. Increasing Sheriff's Deputies and EMS workers and their pay, provides a safer county. Fiscal responsibility is also very important as we operate within a limited budget. Quarterly Town Hall meetings is a priority. It's extremely important, to have input from our communities.

Would you be in favor of increasing the size of the sheriff’s enforcement offices?

Yes, I am very much in favor of increasing the size of the sheriff's enforcement offices. The towns of Culloden and Salt Rock need more representation and attention from the Sheriff's Deputies. It's tough to cover all of the county. Hire more deputies and explore a pay increase.

What needs to be done about litter control in the county?

This is a problem throughout WV. I'd like to see more non violent offenders working in our county, to reduce their jail sentence. We have been working on this in the legislature over the past few years. Enforce the laws and stiffen fines for those caught littering.

What will you do to balance the budget in light of the cap on funding for county jails?

In the legislature, we froze the payment for another year, at $47 per inmate. We've also reduced the sentence for non-violent offenders, to lighten the jail population. This will always be an issue. No county, wants to be forced into raising taxes, to pay their county jail bill.

Are you interested in fitting renewable energy into local planning and development? If so, how?

I voted for some, renewable energy legislation. It's vital we have a good mix to provide options when it's not sunny or windy, for days at a time. We will work with companies that require a renewable energy footprint, in their structure of operation. However, we cannot allow our energy grid to become too weak for our needs.

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